Employee Spotlight: Robert Wrinn


Employee Spotlight: Robert Wrinn

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Employee Spotlight: Robert Wrinn

Out in the pristine wilds of Sonoma California lives a VP of Client Services extrodinaire named Robert Wrinn. Whether he's managing a complex project for some of our largest clients, or working with the team to improve our processes, Rob always exudes a calmness and a "Don't worry — I've got this" attitude (which he has literally said on many occasions). Learn more about Rob and how he uses his wizardry to keep Fortuitas clients happy and engaged as we spotlight members of the Fortuitas team.


How long have you worked at Fortuitas and what has kept you with the company for as long as you’ve been here?

I have worked at Fortuitas for seven years. I’ve stayed this long for two reasons. First, the team at Fortuitas is great to work with. We prefer to hire senior, experienced people in all positions. Second, Fortuitas’ culture is focused on service and integrity. The combination of great co-workers and a culture of excellence makes my job as VP of Client Services much easier.

VP of Client Services sounds like a pretty important title. For those of us who don’t know, what does that entail? What does your typical day look like? What are your favorite things about your job?

My position is no more important than any other employee at Fortuitas. We all try to meet our customers’ needs on time and under budget. My typical day entails checking in with each of the team members, be it Creative, Project Management, Engineering or QA, to ensure that our projects are smoothly moving forward. If you can’t tell already, the favorite part of my day is interacting with people.

As someone who has managed his fair share of projects, what advice can you give to new companies seeking agency assistance?

The first thing that comes to mind? I’d recommend that a successful client-agency relationship starts with clear objectives for the agency. Set aside the technology for a moment and identify what business objectives you are trying to achieve. Are you repositioning your brand? Trying to increase revenue? Looking to decrease cost? Each of these areas impacts how the project should be structured and delivered to the client.

When you aren’t elbows deep in projects at Fortuitas, what are you most likely to be doing outside of work?

Outside of Fortuitas, I spend time with my family in Sonoma County. I’m either at a soccer game or visiting local sites like Bodega Bay, hiking trails or wineries.

That about sums up Rob in a few paragraphs. If you are interested in learning more about the Fortuitas team, keep an eye out for next month's edition of our newsletter.  


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