Looking ahead after DNN Summit - 2019


Looking ahead after DNN Summit - 2019

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Looking ahead after DNN Summit - 2019

Looking ahead after DNN Summit

As we wrap up DNN Summit, Fortuitas is honored to once again be a part of the partner summit and helping shape DNN's future. The future of DNN does reside equally on the shoulders of DNN Corp and the community. As we all forge the future of the DNN platform together, we need to make sure that there is continued innovation within the platform. 

At the summit, DNN Corp's Ash Prasad introduced two new features in DNN. One they have already released is a direct integration with HubSpot. This will allow HubSpot users to integrate the marketing automation platform without the need for custom coding. It will also allow for the data from DNN form submissions to pass directly through to the HubSpot platform. 

DNN is also working on a direct integration with BigCommerce. The connection is still under development and is set to be released in a later build this year. These are the types of innovations that need to continue in order for the platform to be viable in the future. 

Fortuitas will continue to prepare our Clients for the future by providing Marketing, Integration, and eCommerce enhancements, leading the way as an Advanced Partner with DNN as the CMS platform of choice for many of our Clients.

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